Thursday, June 01, 2006


The three word joke

Although this blog will primarily be about college football, things I find funny will appear form time to time. So I wanted this first one the be absolutely hilarious. After racking my brain and looking through countless other sites I have discovered the thing that makes me laugh the most. The funniest thing that trumped all others can be expressed in only three words: Mississippi State Football.


The Anthem

Bud Light has a series of commercials on the radio saluting "Real Men of Genius." The best one will serve as the anthem for this site.

"Today we salute you Mr. Jean Shorts Inventor
(Mr. Jean Shorts Inventor)

People insisted that jeans were just pants, apparently those people underestimated your out-of-the-box thinking(A fashion trail blazer)

Casual enough for a BBQ, formal enough for a family reunion, your multi-dimensional creation handles both duties with ease
(You just said DOODY)

And what should we call your ground breaking achievement? How about Jorts?
(We really love your jorts)

So crack open an ice cold Bud Light Mr. Jorts Inventor, if fashion's a war, you're fighting dirty.
(Mr. Jorts Inventor)"


The Start of Something Great

A blog dedicated to all things football and the two things that set the SEC apart from all other great football conferences. BBQ and Jorts!

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